Discover the Best of Arizona at Phoenix

Image result for Arizona at PhoenixPhoenix is the most populous city in the US state of Arizona. Besides being the capital city, it has some monumental attractions like the Rosson House, Cosanti Foundation, and Tovrea Castle. Phoenix has a history that dates back to 1867. Located near the confluence of the Gila and Salt rivers, the city is a part of the Sonoran Desert. We visited during the onset of the fall season and it was truly amazing. Noted below are the best sites in the city:


  • Desert Botanical Garden


While visiting the famous Papago Park we came across the Desert Botanical garden. It was one of the best spots we had been to in this city. The entry fee was $24.95 per person. The spacious garden was spread across 140 acres of land and has a collection of over 4000 species of plants. Among these, you can find most of the native desert plants and several endangered species of shrubs, herbs, and medicinal plants. The major attractions were the huge collection of cacti and some rare Saguaro cactus trees.


  • Piestewa Peak


Piestewa Peak is one of the highest peaks of the Phoenix Mountains. The peak lies at a height of 2,610 feet. The place is a part of Phoenix Mountain Preserve and is a popular hiking destination. Lots of tourists visit the place during the winter to enjoy the cool breeze and amazing views offered by the peak.  It is a perfect site for a day-long family outing. We climbed nearly for an hour halting several times to enjoy the views. The sky was clear and from the top, we could see the entire city and numerous rocky structures including the Four Peaks, the Papago Mountains, Pinnacle Peak, White Tank Mountains and more. 


  • Phoenix Art Museum


Visiting the famed Phoenix Art Museum was an entertaining experience. The place exhibits over 18,000 old and new artworks collected from different corners of the world. Here you can see some of the finest examples of modern painting and fashion design. One of the notable attractions of the museum is the Sculpture Garden where you can see the most unique modern sculptures set against the tranquil backdrop of plants and trees. 

The Best Sightseeing Places in Tortuguero

Image result for Tortuguero cityIf you are a tourist visiting Costa Rica, then you should never miss checking out the small town of Tortuguero. It is a village town that has not yet been hit by the modernization wind and even the locals are not in favor of it. There are only small pop up restaurants in this town and you get to eat homely food here.

The important attractions that will drive you to visit this town again include:

  • Tortuguero National Park

This is one of the most popular places to visit when you come to Costa Rica. I was happy to take a walking tour of the park and it was a splendid experience. This park stands out for biodiversity as it has great forest and marine life. It is home to quite a lot of animals and reptiles like frogs, spider monkeys, jaguars, alligators, etc. 

  • Turtle Museum

I wanted to know more about turtles, how they breed and their characteristics and hence never wanted to miss this museum. It is packed with a lot of information about the turtles and you will come out of this small museum with full knowledge about the turtles.

  • Mariposario

This is a very attractive butterfly garden that comes with two enclosures. One enclosure is one for the butterflies that come to feed on nectar and the other is for those that like to feed on rotten fruits. I got to see Owl, Monarch, and other varieties of butterflies and they come in all kinds of colors and designs.

  • Tortuguero Beach

This is a pristine beach that is not damaged by visitors and hence it has maintained its old look. It only has sand and water and is an ideal place to visit for everyone who prefers long walks on the beach.

  • Jungle Canopy Tour

This is the best ride you can take to get a spectacular view of the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. The ride is through zip-lines and bridges and you can see the animals in the forest from over 100 feet above.

Tela: Enjoy an Unforgettable Trip

Image result for Tela cityWhen I visited Honduras, I planned to visit the town of Tela. This town doesn’t experience much footfall throughout the year. However, there are many things that tourists can do in there. If you get in touch with the local tour operation facilities, you will be able to enjoy a tailor-made tour. Here is a list of outstanding things that you can do here.

Visit Punta Sal National Park

This is the first thing I did after I visited the town. It is one of the most popular things that tourists indulge in. You can enjoy the blue water, as well as the lush green trees of the tropical rainforest. I hiked through them. You can drop-in at Cocalito beach which is known to be the most stunning white sand beach of Central America. I also took a boat trip out of Punta Sal. On this tour, you might come across some dolphins.

Punta Izopo National Park

It is situated on the eastern side of the Bay of Tela. This is a relatively small park but has a lot to offer. I paddled through the mangrove canals. It is surely going to be a thrilling experience for you. In order to visit the park, you will need kayaks. Hence, you have to get in touch with the tour providers.

Lancetilla Botanical Gardens

My love for plants took me to this botanical garden. There is an extensive collection of plants that you can check out such as exotic palms, fruit trees, and several plants of ornamental flowers. I was lucky enough to taste some of the fruits from the plants here. The local ladies make jellies and fruit conserves. I bought some to take back home. These are delicious and you can get a taste of Honduras tropical flavor.

Tegucigalpa: Things to do to Enjoy the Nightlife

Image result for Tegucigalpa cityTegucigalpa surely doesn’t have the best reputation in the country. However, I visited the city for a weekend and found out that it has great to offer in terms of nightlife. If you visit, there is no reason why you have to hide in your room when you can have great fun out in the vibrant and busy nightlife. Here are few things that I think you should definitely do to embrace night at Tegucigalpa.

Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla

This is one of the best theatres of the city and had been built in 1912. The architecture is truly breathtaking. It is based on Paris’s Athens Theatre. You can catch a play, opera, concerts, and most that are hosted here. I had a great evening here in a comfortable and elegant environment.

Casino Royale

Rather than getting bored in your room, why not spend some time bagging big bucks? Gamble a little bit with baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and slot machines at Clash Royale. Make sure that you have your passport to make an entry. Also, they are quite strict when it comes to the dress code. So, do not just drop in wearing your shorts.

Visit the Restaurants and Bars

Great parts of the nightlife are the restaurants and bars. There are several clubs, bars, and discos to choose from. If you love dancing, this is surely one of the best things to do. These places are always crowded. In case you do not enjoy dancing, you can just sit and sip on your drink while enjoying the music. Some of them might charge an entrance fee. You will also come across many restaurants in the city that serve delicious food. I visited Nau Lounge had been lucky to enjoy live music.

Things to do in Tamarindo

Image result for Tamarindo cityTamarindo is a very attractive town that is located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica. This town is of course known for the popular Tamarindo beach. But, there are a lot of other activities that tourists like you and I can do in this picturesque town. 

Barra Honda National Park

This park is very close to this town. It is one of the most attractive places to visit for adventure fanatics. You get to explore and even hike the caves in the park. I did not dare to go cave hiking but heard that it offers an attractive view of the Nicoya landscapes. 

ATV Tours

I loved this ATV tour to check out the lands around Tamarindo. This is a tour that is conducted by experienced and knowledgeable tour guide and coach. It is really fun and entertaining to ride the ATV across rural Costa Rica. You can move the ATV through the Costa Rican jungle and even hit the beach during the sunset.

Monkey Jungle Canopy Trails

I did brave myself to take this canopy ride over the tropical forests and it is a unique experience that will last with me all my life. You get a bird’s eye view of the forest and you will be traveling over the cables that are hanging in the sky. You get to see different species of monkeys and even jaguars.

Tamarindo Beach

This is the beach to be at if you love pristine waters, white sands, surfing, and a wide range of water activities. It is a very good place to spend with your family members. You also get to fish, snorkel, and carry out diving here.

Tamarindo Estuary

There is a large estuary and mangrove close to Tamarindo beach. If you take a boat ride to the estuary, you get to see monkeys, crocodiles, birds, and other wild animals. The ride is filled with gorgeous sights everywhere.

Keszthely – The City That Defines Grace

Image result for Keszthely cityThe city is surrounded by the western shore of the Balaton Lake and looks beautiful through the day with the clear blue waters shining under the shining sunshine. This city as I have understood is very charming and is too famous for hosting important historical buildings. You can spot various townhouses and elegant palaces in the city. At night the city lights up with decorations over the palaces. The hotels here are very exquisite, so if you are trying to find a place to relax then this is exactly where you should head.

Helikon Castle Museum

Helikon castle museum is very popular around the city. The museum hosts a miniature of the whole city inside it. The villages, parks, roads or castles and museums they are very fine detail of every structure you can find in the city. You can walk through the roads of the miniature roads and get yourself clicked, this is the most popular things tourists do. You can even get yourself professionally photographed and that will cost you only 10 CAD. And they give you the photos instantly, nothing like this.

Cadillac Museum

Cadillac museum is known for its ancient car collection. The museum hosts almost 24 Cadillacs and that too from the very beginning of their creation, up until now. It is a sight to behold. You can never just look at them at left. The body, the way it looks, everything about these cars is overwhelming. It makes you want to have one for yourself. But the cars are pretty much priceless. But if you sign up for the museum tour that will cost you about 120 CAD, then you can get the opportunity to actually sit in the car and get clicked. They explain to you about its working and making.

Jerusalem – The Violent City

Image result for Jerusalem cityJerusalem used to be the former capital for Israel, but the sudden financial downfall the city faced in the early 2000s made it leave its position as the capital. The city is also the most ancient and oldest among all cities across Israel. The city has a history of some very violent characteristics and rose up from its violent nature and is now the most peaceful city out there. The city since its creation was the center of attacks for almost about fifty-two times and has been almost destroyed for like the half of it times. Here you can find people with multi religions with neither one of them being suppressed. You must visit some of these recommendations.

Haram Al Sharif Mosque

This mosque holds the incredibly important religious among the locals in the city. The holy mosque was built way back in the seventeenth century and has been through some external reshaping only, the interior and the insides of the mosque are the same, they have withered out a bit, but out of their religious beliefs, no internal restructuring is done. The dome of the mosque is made out of old golden glittery stones and can be seen from anywhere in the city. As soon as sunshine falls on it, the brightness is impeccable.


Wailing Wall and Jewish Quarter

The wall is the only concrete remaining of the first temple that was built in Jerusalem. The importance and believe the value of this wall is something you can’t even think practically. This wall was at the westernmost side of the complete temple. The wall was named as the wailing wall back in seventy AD, it was named this way because, after the loss of the temple, the believers thought that the wall is the listener to their woes and sadness and that is why every time anybody feels helpless and hopeless or in the need to just cry their pain out, they go to the wall and do it, they believe this way their prayers will be heard by Allah.

Tha Khaek: What to do and Where to Go?

Image result for Tha Khaek cityTha Khaek is a small little town that has several unique attractions to check out. It is the natural beauty of the city which draws me to Tha Khaek. So, I decided to stop by for a few days. I have to say that this city didn’t fail to impress me. When you visit Tha Khaek, here are a few things that you can check out.

  1. Tham Nang Aen Cave

This is the first stop during my visit. It is only 15 km from the city just along Alley cave. It is in a central room which is 30 meters high. I came to know that this has been named after Nang Samantha, the orphaned legendary. I took a guide to learn about his history and the tale of his tragic romance with Xieng. Take a boat to travel to the lake, enjoy a drink, or have a picnic with your family.

  1. Konglor Cave

This is another great place for tourist. It is a 4km long cave and a river passes through it. The stunning limestone formations simply amazed me. I took a river to visit the cave. Another great cave formation is the Buddha Cave where you will find Buddha Statues carved out on the walls.

  1. Wat Si Khottabong

It’s been built in the eighteenth century. The actual temple is from the ninth century and is a grand tower. The local people told me that it was from the reign of King Nanthasen. It is an extraordinary temple and is a sacred placed. The temple attracts a lot of people every year.

  1. Khammouane Museum

It is a museum which has a large collection of historical artifacts of the Laos People. The museum had been constructed by the people of France in the 20th century. You will be able to learn a lot about the history and culture of the people.

Johannesburg – A Golden Destination in South Africa

Related imageDid you know that Johannesburg is also called “Jozi”? This adorable nickname is quite contrary to a city that is the bustling financial center of South Africa. Reading up on the city before I reached it, I discovered this city after talking to a friend back in Chicago.  It is interesting that it is also known as City of Gold or eGoli. It started as a town for gold mining and today it has a unique township culture that makes it unique. I did find it to be one of the most crowded of all cities in South Africa, probably because it is the smallest province here.

Places to Visit

Called “Place of Gold” or Gauteng in the Sotho language, there are several places that I found worth visiting:


  • Apartheid Museum


This is one of the notable museums to visit here. It chronicles the story of the city and the region, especially of the country in the 20th century.


  • Gold Reef City


This is another place I enjoyed and so would kids and young adults. There are roller coaster rides here along with interactive historic exhibits that showcase the gold mining history. I also enjoyed the 4D theatre shows here.


  • Mandela House


This is another landmark place that is a must visit. Here I found all exhibits of the famous man and his life, notably being a museum built based around the home that he inhabited between the years 1946 to 1962.

Places to Dine

Another way to savor the flavors of a city is to explore the different eating places. There are several places that serve food that is native and unique to the region; what I would suggest is that you try eateries that serve shakshouka or hummus along with chopped salsa. I stopped by Pablo Eggs Go Bar that was an unusual place along with EB Social Kitchen and bar that serves meals based on the seasonal and fresh harvest.

Niagara Falls: Experience More Than Just The Waterfall

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Niagara Falls is a large amount of water dripping from an enormous height. However, this city of Canada has much to offer than just the falls. A trip to city made me realize there are so many things that you can do and see in here. Take a look at the few things you can do when you are in the city.

  • Niagara Falls State Park

It is one of the oldest parks in New York that was established in the year 1885. I was simply mesmerized by the beauty of trio of waterfalls and 5 islands on the river of Niagara. It covers an area of 400 acres. There are trails to go for a bike ride and facilities to do a picnic. In case you do not like walking much, you can avail the vintage trolley offered by the park to check sights such as the Observation Tower. Sightseeing on the boat is also available. I would advise to go for sightseeing to check out the Maid of Mist. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  • Cave of the Winds

Between Horseshoe Falls and the American falls is the Goat Island. Just below the American Falls, you are going to find this cave. Take the boardwalk to reach under the waterfalls. You will be given souvenir sandals and ponchos. Make sure that you wear sandals if you do not want to wander around with soggy shoes. If you want, you can also check out the Luna Island.

  • Whirlpool Rapids

The river changes its course below the American Falls and forms a whirlpool. This is formed in the cauldron that had been developed mainly by the tectonic movements. It is one of the most dangerous whirlpools and getting a view of this was a lifetime experience for me. From the river’s New York side, you can hike to the observation point.